Urban Magnetism


Rainier Square rises in the heart of a city on the verge of a new era. Four vibrant corners come together in just the right location to become a nucleus with its own gravitational pull, drawing people in from all directions, for all kinds of reasons.

A New City Center

Street-level retail, highly desirable residential units and world-class office space come together in the geographic center of all the city has to offer. A vibrant, active block located in the center of several other vibrant, active blocks will draw energy from within itself and from its surroundings. A catalyst for activity downtown, Rainier Square is poised to shift the center of gravity, to a new heart of the city.

Mixed Uses Make A Place


Retail and Dining

A distinctive mix of high-caliber, high-performing stores and restaurants.





Residents coming and going day and night create a lively mix of pedestrian activity.





The vibrant neighborhood is a draw for companies and their employees.





Proximity to cultural attractions and activities make this location a natural starting point for a day of touring.





Six levels of valet-served parking will accommodate more than 1,000 cars.